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Using workbooks

What is a workbook?

A workbook is a file that contains one or more queries that can be run against a database connection. Workbooks can be accessed from the workbook panel on the left-hand side of the screen.

Creating a new workbook

To create a new workbook, click the plus button at the top of the workbook panel on the left-hand side and select New Workbook. Give your workbook a memorable name and press enter to finish creating your workbook. This will also load it's content in the query editor.

Creating a new workbook

Creating a new workbook.

Using the query editor

After selecting a workbook from the workbook panel on the left-hand side, the contents of this workbook will be loaded into the query editor. Use this editor to modify the contents the workbook. Changes to the workbook are saved automatically as you type.

The editor will be configured to work with the API for the currently selected connection. This will be either a JavaScript API or an SQL API.

Using query completions

While writing queries in the query editor, use Ctrl + Space to display query completions for the current context. See the connection guide for your specific database for more information on what APIs are available.

Workbooks with multiple queries


Running workbooks with multiple queries is currently only supported by JavaScript queries

It is possible to have multiple queries in a single workbook. Expressions in your workbook separated by the ; character will be run in serial as separate queries to the database, but as part of the same execution on Ezfire.

Running your workbook

To run your workbook, click the pink Run button in the top-right corner. The selected workbook will be run against the currently selected connection. The result of your workbook will appear in the result pane on the right-hand side. This will be the final result of running all queries in the workbook.

Deleting a workbook

To delete a workbook, right-click the workbook in the workbook list on the left-hand side and select Delete from the context menu.

Deleting a workbook

Deleting a workbook.